New Zealand coastlineNew Zealand is a country of 268,680km² made up of two main islands with many lakes and rivers and over 15,000km of coastline.

Marine activity, be it international shipping, large-scale fishing or recreational boating, is a key element of the New Zealand economy and lifestyle. Home to large areas of protected conservation reserves – land and marine, wetlands and UNESCO World Heritage sites, New Zealand has extremely high standards when it comes to keeping its waters spill-free.

However, accidents do happen in New Zealand and in every other country in the world and pollutants such as oil, diesel, petrol as well as other chemicals and pollutants can get into our water from vessels of any scale.

Large scale shipping disasters are the worst case scenario and can have a devastating effect on coastlines the world over.  Being prepared to deal with these spills in an efficient AND effective manner makes all the difference in mitigating the risk of long term damage to the environment.shipping port

Enviropeat™ is a product that lends itself exceptionally well to the task of keeping waterways free from a vast range of pollutants.