Enviropeat™ is an extremely versatile spill clean-up material as it can be used on land/soil, concrete/asphalt and on water to clean up a wide range of oils, fuels, lubricants and chemicals.

The range of industries that can benefit from using Enviropeat™ is vast and some examples are garage workshops, petrol service stations, transport hubs such as airports, bus terminals, railway stations, distribution centres, food processing facilities, abbatoirs, marinas, large shipping vessels, mines, refineries,  dairy farms…to mention a few.

See our section on uses in Agriculture for more info on how it is used in a farming context.

Any industry that operates is close to waterways be it coastline, lakes, rivers, streams or any other water source can use Enviropeat™ can significantly reduce contamination risk. Marine, industrial, mining, automotive and agriculture are good examples of industries that can benefit greatly from using Enviropeat