What is it?

Enviropeat™ is an exceptionally pure, high quality sphagnum peat moss sourced from Southland, New Zealand.  Enviropeat™ is used for absorbing and cleaning up industrial spills and waste including oil spills, diesel, hydraulic fluid, alcohols, aromatics, carbonyl compounds and heavy metals which are hydrocarbon-based pollutants.  It also has the ability to filter industrial wastes, untreated effluents, algae and mining remnant waste.

EnviropeatThe sphagnum peat moss in Enviropeat™ is a naturally occurring organic fibre which is harvested and dried through a dehydration process. This drying process allows the fibres to absorb hydrocarbons later where the water was once stored.  The fibre encapsulates the hydrocarbon and will not allow leaching.

Once the hydrocarbons are truly absorbed and controlled, contaminates can be quickly soaked up and disposed of.